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Career Test and Personality Test for College and High School
Career Test and Personality Test for College and High School

Career Test Free Teenagers High School Students College Adults Quiz


Free Career Test for Teenagers – High School Students – College – Adults

The best free career assessment quiz to identify career and work related interests, skills, abilities, aptitudes, values, strengths and personality.


Career Tests for Teenagers (Middle School Students and High School Students) –

Career tests, along with Career and Technical Education (CTE), increase high school graduation rates. Students with awareness of potential career fields of interest are able to development job-specific skills before high school graduation, and become more employable, even if they choose not to attend college immediately.
Teenagers who are aware of their career interests during middle and high school, can use the knowledge to find summer work or volunteer opportunities, internships and apprenticeships in their fields of interest.

Career tests help students become more engaged in their coursework because they can relate it to future work and a career success.

Minority and Female students can learn about career and work opportunities they previously might not have considered. Especially in the areas of science, math, and engineering.

If a student plans to attend college after high school graduation, selection of their college major can be made sooner, potentially saving money by reducing unrelated coursework. In addition to facilitating career exploration, career tests for teenagers can improve career decision making skills, and knowledge of self, encouraging personal development.


Career Tests for College Students –

Help to select a major or minor, and increase awareness of career options within a field, even potentially allowing for added courses that will provide more skills or employability.
Career tests for college students improves job readiness by allowing for more related elective studies.
Students can seek out the expertise of career counselors or professors affiliated with the school who have knowledge of a field, having the benefit of being enrolled. They have the opportunity to make informational visits, or secure summer work or internships to explore a career of potential interest, thus graduating with applicable work experience and transferable work related skills.
Transition from college to work is made easier because of knowledge and possible work experience in a career field. Career tests for college students improves career decision making skills and facilitates career exploration. Students are able to relate academic study to future career success.

Career Tests for College Graduates –

Identify career fields that relate to academic studies and major, and facilitate transition from college to career because of awareness of specific fields of work and their related job opportunities. In cases where a college graduate wants to enter a field unrelated to their college studies, a career test can help to relate transferrable skills gained in college to a new area.

Career Tests for adults (beginning career, mid-career, and career changers) –

Identify career interest areas, transferable skills.


Career Test for Kids –

Provides awareness of the range of career choices and options at an introductory level. Kids can begin to develop a curiosity about what adults do for work. Career tests for kids help start conversations with parents, teachers, friends and classmates about work. These discussions help create a positive association with learning, work and careers.



Career Tests

Perhaps you are a high school or college student, or you’ve recently graduated, or are about to graduate, and want to get onto the first rung of your career.  Perhaps you’ve been downsized, fired, or quit.  Perhaps you’re looking for a better job, a more worthwhile job, or a job with better prospects – a career test can help!

Whatever your circumstances, career tests can offer you help in three main areas:

A career test can help you come to a clearer sense of what it is you want from a job and a career, and help you determine what career paths this suggests.  Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, and having a clearer sense of your ambitions, is an essential first step to a rewarding career – and self knowledge has benefits that go beyond work to enrich every aspect of your life.

A career test will also help you identify and develop the skills and strategies that make for successful job-hunting. Once you know what kind of jobs you want, the next step is to find them, and to make sure that employers notice your efforts. Knowing where to look for jobs, and how to craft a resume that gives you the real opportunity to compete for them, involve skills that few people have had any reason or opportunity to develop…until the need arises.

Finally, career tests can help you craft a message, delivery and presence that put you in the best possible position to convince employers to give you the job you want. From crafting targeted cover letters to preparing for interviews, finding the right way of expressing your qualities and your goals to potential employers is the road to sealing the deal, and this is a matter of research, practice and confidence, all of which a coach can help you with.