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Career Test College Students – Career Test High School Students

Career Tests for Adults, College Students, College Graduates, and High School Students

When it comes to finding satisfying work, career tests DO help!

Perhaps you are a college student or high school student, or you’ve recently graduated, or are about to graduate, and want to get onto the first rung of your career.  Perhaps you want to choose a college or a college major.  Perhaps you’ve been downsized, fired, or quit.  Perhaps you’re looking for a better job, or a more satisfying career, or a job with better prospects – a career test can help!

Career tests assess interests, aptitudes, values and personality – they can help you figure out what you want to do and be.

Finding a good job is hard work.  That makes it important to know you’re focused on the right kind of jobs – jobs that match your expectations and your talents and skills. There is a wide variety of tools available to those who want a more objective sense of their abilities and aptitudes, interests and personality, and what these mean for their choice of careers.

Modern career tests are products of decades of empirical analysis and improvement, and when they’re taken and interpreted under the guidance of an experienced career advisor, they can prove highly effective for anyone seeking greater clarity about their choice of jobs and occupations.

We offer the most accurate and well-known career tests available (Strong Interest Inventory®, Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator MBTI®) and provide skilled interpretation to help you use the results to gain a better understanding of your career-related interests, aptitudes, values, and personality.

A career test is an excellent way to figure out what your interests are, and what you might like to do for satisfying work.

A career test can help you come to a clearer sense of what it is you want from a job and a career, and help you determine what career paths this suggests.

Understanding your own strengths and ambitions, is an essential first step to a rewarding career – and self knowledge has benefits that go beyond work to enrich every aspect of your life.

Whatever your circumstances – we have a career test options for you –

Career Test for Adults (mid-career, career change, etc.)  – Identify career interest areas, transferable skills.  Job search strategies.

Career Test for College Students – Career tests help you select a major or minor, and increase awareness of career options within a field, even potentially allowing for added courses that will provide more skills or employability.

Career Test for College Graduates – Find an awesome job by identifying career fields that relate to academic studies and major, and facilitate transition from college to career because of awareness of specific fields of work and their related job opportunities.

Career Test for High School Students – Career tests for high school students help them refine likes and dislikes, which gives them a better idea of what field of study they possibly want to pursue.

Career Test for Kids – Provides awareness of the range of career choices and options at an introductory level. Kids can begin to develop a curiosity about what adults do for work.


Career Coaching

Our career coaching services will help you achieve your objectives sooner and faster.  We have the job search know-how that most people will never have the need or opportunity to acquire on their own.

We bring all of our experience and resources to you, and lessons-learned from the many, many people we have helped before you.   That is why career testing and career coaching are so powerful. And SO useful!

Career coaching will help you develop the skills and strategies that make for successful job hunting. Once you know what kind of jobs you want, the next step is to find them, and to make sure that employers notice your efforts.

Knowing where to look for jobs, and how to craft a resume that gives you the real opportunity to compete for them, involve skills that few people have had any reason or opportunity to develop until the need arises.

Finally, our career coaching can help you craft a message, delivery and presence that put you in the best possible position to convince employers to give you the job you want. From writing targeted cover letters, to preparing for interviews, to finding the right way of expressing your qualities to potential employers.

It is a matter of research, practice and confidence, all of which a career coach can help you with.

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Career Test high school students

Career Coaching

New to the Job Market?  Recent Graduate?

Just out of college? Grad school? Now faced with the task of finding that career that you have prepared so hard for, especially in today’s environment?  So, just how do you make yourself stand out among an ever increasingly large crowd?  You get help!  One of the most useful things is to take a Career Test!


Downsized?  Quit?

In the current economic environment, restructuring and downsizing are increasingly common events. For some people it can come as a welcome relief – for others, being downsized, fired or laid off can be one of the most gut-wrenching experiences in their lives, triggering feelings of loss.

Then what?  The first step is to undertake a clear-headed and thorough assessment of your talents and skills. What are your greatest strengths, and how have these served you so far in your career?  What areas need improvement?  These questions can be explored in the advising process, or they can be approached using assessment tools that measure cognitive styles and competencies as they pertains to the job search.

How a career test can help you

Whether it’s through a discussion or objective assessment, having a better idea of your talents and skills and values, helps in fundamental ways.  First, it helps you define the course you want to pursue.  Another job in the same industry and capacity?  A brand new direction?  Self-employment?  A start-up business?  Second, it can help in the process of achieving your new objectives – there’s no more important element in being able to articulate your desired results, or your values as a person, than to have a clear idea of them yourself!  Third, it ensures that you can approach the interviews, whether they’re with potential employers or investors, with greater clarity and greater confidence. Self-knowledge is empowering.

Getting to Work at Finding Work

Finding a new job is a job itself, especially when you don’t have one. Good advising will help you organize this job as efficiently and effectively as possible: helping you research opportunities, making sure your resume is the best possible reflection of your career to date, and that your cover letters speak to each potential employer.

Most people who’ve been downsized don’t have a luxury of time to spend finding work, and so the job of finding a job needs to be organized like a corporate campaign, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Coaching will help you make the best use of your time. It will make sure that you don’t just send out five resumes a day, but send out five effective, tailored resumes, with letters that hit the bull’s-eye with respect to each potential employer’s expectations. With the help of a good career advisor, you have the power to turn one of the worst things that could happen to you into one of the best. Career advising can ensure that you never get caught in the vicious circle of self-doubt, avoidance and dread. Take stock, make a plan and get to work.

Ready for a new job or career change?

Ok. You have a job. But it’s not quite the dream job, or the dream career, you imagined yourself having. Or perhaps its nothing at all like your dream job. Perhaps your employer clearly undervalues your contribution and talents, and it’s increasingly obvious that you’re in a dead end. Or perhaps you’ve been successful, but want a job that is more meaningful, more interesting or more aligned with your personal ideals.  Whatever your reasons, it’s never too late to change jobs or careers, and it doesn’t need to involve a leap into the void. It’s all a matter of strategy. Career Testing can help you at every step of the way.

Explore options and interests

The first step in any good job search strategy is to determine exactly what that strategy should be working towards. What are your career objectives? Are they attainable? Are they too modest? What are your interests? What are your talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses? How do these relate to the demands and circumstances of your target career?

If you want to explore the best options, there are many objective tools available for looking at these questions. Cognitive styles, interests, emotional intelligence, leadership quotient, personality traits can all be explored in depth, with a coach who’s had experience interpreting and integrating the results. The same issues can be explored in more informal ways as well, if that’s your preference. The end result should be the clearest possible understanding of just what your ideal job looks like, as well as a clearer sense of the means to attain it.

Promoting yourself and being noticed

The next step is to prepare the tools that will help you get the attention and interest of employers. This begins with a top-notch resume, and cover letters that target the needs and pique the interest of your dream employers.

Identifying networking opportunities and establishing an online presence. You’re marketing yourself; the more effective your strategies, the more opportunities you’ll have. Once you have all this right, with the help of your coach, you’re ready to start actively looking for jobs. Even in the slowest economy, there are thousands of jobs out there, waiting to be found, and you’ll benefit from the experience of a coach who knows where to look and who to contact.

Interviews and attitude

Self-knowledge is empowering when it comes time for interviews. So is preparation. What are the most likely potential interview questions you’re likely to face? And what are your answers? Preparation like this, with the help of a career advisor, will help you concentrate on other important issues: what answer do they expect for that question? What if I surprise them and say this? The combination of relaxed confidence and active engagement is a winner every time. And confidence is a keystone in the maintenance of what really is the most important element you can bring to the search for a job, with the help of a career advisor: positivity.

The final step in getting your ideal job is handling the interview

Whatever your role in your current job, it’s likely it hasn’t involved much experience in being interviewed, and this is where the help of a seasoned and experienced coach can be most crucial. A successful interview doesn’t happen by itself; it’s the result of thorough preparation. The first step here is a study of the employer, so that you know as much as possible about their activities, corporate culture and structure.

In a very real sense, the preparation you made at the very beginning of the whole process of shifting careers will serve you well in interviews. Good answers to tough questions are easier when you know what you want from a job, what you bring to it, and how you’ll handle it. Preparation with a coach, which can include practice interviews, will help you learn how to address the specific needs and expectations that employers bring to interviews, concerning everything from dress and attitude to responses and counter-questions.


Career Tests and Advising give you confidence

The final advantage to thorough preparation with a career advisor is that it will give you the confidence that allows you to present the best possible version of yourself to interviewers, whether on the phone, on Skype or in person, with a single interviewer or a panel.

A career advisor can’t find you a new job. You have to do that yourself, and it’s hard work. But career testing and advising can make sure that your hard work is focused on strategies that actually do work. And in the process, coaching can prepare you to enter your new career with greater insight and self-knowledge, and a clearer idea of just what you want from it.



Who am I?

WELL… My name is Joel Goldberg, and I have a passion for helping people with career development.

Why am I different from most other career advisors?  Having been a management consultant I have actual work experience in most every industry, at most every level!  for highly competitive companies.

I stay current on the job market – where the demand is, trends, technology, what employers want in terms of skills, the recruiting and interview process, etc.  In addition, I maintain a very comprehensive library of employment topics, career assessment, and industry-specific resources.

Academically, I have been admitted to, and studied at some of the most competitive institutions.  I have deep knowledge of the types of advanced degrees available, and the college and graduate school application and admissions process.

After receiving my Bachelors from the State University of New York, I earned a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University, I received my Ph.D. at Cornell University in Organizational Behavior. I then went to work in business, as a management consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and after that as a consultant in strategy and human resources to many multi-national organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, J.P. Morgan Bank, and many, many others.

My specialty is career assessment and development, as a means to facilitate the process of identifying and securing meaningful work.

What I can do for you?

It is with my TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS of experience, that I am offering my services to YOU!  I’m here to help you understand your true interests and skills , and then help you to identify and prepare for job opportunities , THE CAREER that you’ve always wanted.

I can help you brainstorm and explore career options – from the most basic, to the most complex – with creativity, resourcefulness, experience, patience and encouragement.


Please email or phone me for more information –

Joel Goldberg