Career Tests for adults

Beginning career, mid-career, and career change –

Identify career interest areas, transferable skills.


The world, and economy, we live in is nothing like anything known before. The days of the single career, staying the same job from beginning to retirement, are pretty much gone. Unlike the generations before us, ‘job security’ is no longer part of our vernacular. Daunting, yes. But also exciting! You don’t have to have just one job anymore! You can have as many careers as you want! You can start, or start over, at any point you choose. You can follow your dream – as long as it is a manageable one. Discovering what you are capable of, uncovering hidden skills and abilities, which can lead you in a direction you didn’t even know you could go. That is what I can help you with. Revealing the assets you possess yet didn’t even know you had. Sharpening them, honing them, making them, and you, as well prepared for the new adventure, the new road, ahead of you as possible. There are no guarantees, not anymore. But there are opportunities. Let’s seize those opportunities, together!