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Career Tests help you Explore Options, Achieve Focus, Make a Plan, and Take Action!


Welcome – I’m Joel Goldberg, a Harvard educated career advisor, with 27 years of experience helping people figure out what they want to do, and then developing a plan to achieve it. 

I work with high school and college students (and parents) around the Country, by phone, internet, and Skype.  Through assessments and discussions, we identify interests, aptitudes and skills, and then explore the jobs and career paths that could be most satisfying

Please phone me at 716-553-3157 or email joel@careertest.org, if you want to discuss how I could be of service to you, or for more information. 


Perhaps you are a college student or high school student, or you’ve recently graduated, or are about to graduate, and want to get onto the first rung of your career.  Perhaps you want to choose a college or a college major.  Perhaps you’ve been downsized, fired, or quit.  Perhaps you’re looking for a better job, or a more satisfying career, or a job with better prospects – a career test can help!

Career tests help you figure out what work is most aligned with your interests and skills – And what you will be happiest doing.



Finding a good job is hard work.  It’s easy to be stuck, or unsure where to even begin.


That makes it important to know you’re focused on the right kind of jobs – jobs that match your expectations and your talents and skills. There is a wide variety of tools available to those who want a more objective sense of their abilities and aptitudes, interests and personality, and what these mean for their choice of careers.

Modern career tests are products of decades of empirical analysis and improvement, and when they’re taken and interpreted under the guidance of an experienced career advisor, they can prove highly effective for anyone seeking greater clarity about their choice of jobs and occupations.

We offer the most accurate and well-known career tests available (Strong Interest Inventory®, Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator MBTI®) and provide skilled interpretation to help you use the results to gain a better understanding of your career-related interests, aptitudes, values, and personality.

A career test can help you come to a clearer sense of what it is you want from a job and a career, and help you determine what career paths this suggests.

Understanding your own strengths and ambitions, is an essential first step to a rewarding career – and self knowledge has benefits that go beyond work to enrich every aspect of your life.

Whatever your circumstances – we have a career test for you –

Career Tests for Adults

Identify career interest areas, transferable skills for a new start, career change, etc.)

The world, and economy, we live in is nothing like anything known before. The days of the single career, staying the same job from beginning to retirement, are pretty much gone. Unlike the generations before us, ‘job security’ is no longer part of our vernacular. Daunting, yes. But also exciting! You don’t have to have just one job anymore! You can have as many careers as you want! You can start, or start over, at any point you choose. You can follow your dream – as long as it is a manageable one. Discovering what you are capable of, uncovering hidden skills and abilities, which can lead you in a direction you didn’t even know you could go. That is what I can help you with. Revealing the assets you possess yet didn’t even know you had. Sharpening them, honing them, making them, and you, as well prepared for the new adventure, the new road, ahead of you as possible. There are no guarantees, not anymore. But there are opportunities. Let’s seize those opportunities, together!

Career Tests for College Students

Help select a major or minor, and increase awareness of career options within a field, even potentially allowing for added courses that will provide more skills or employability.

Career tests for college students improve job readiness by allowing for more related elective studies.

Career tests help reduce false starts and changing majors – graduate sooner without costly additional courses.


Career tests help college students identify future careers and provide ideas to secure summer work or internships to explore a career of potential interest, thus graduating with applicable work experience and transferable work related skills.

Career Tests for College Graduates

Transition from college to work is made easier.  Career tests for college graduates improve career decision making skills and facilitates career exploration. Students are able to relate academic study to future career success.

Career Tests for college graduates identify career fields that relate to academic studies and major, and facilitate transition from college to career.  Career test results create awareness of specific fields of work and their related job opportunities.

In cases where a college graduate wants to enter a field unrelated to their college studies, a career test can help to relate transferrable skills gained in college to a new area.

Career Tests for High School Students

Career tests increase high school students awareness of potential career fields of interest, and job-specific skills before graduation, making them more employable if they choose not to attend college immediately, and better prepared to apply to college if they intend to enroll.

Career tests for high school students help them refine their likes and dislikes, which gives them a better idea of what field of study they may want to pursue.

Teenagers who are aware of their career interests during middle and high school, can use the knowledge to find summer work or volunteer opportunities, internships and apprenticeships in their fields of interest.

And  –

Career tests are an excellent way for students and parents to start of conversation about career and college options.  Having an objective place to begin

Career Tests encourage high school Students help students become more engaged in their coursework because they can relate it to future work and a career success.

If a student plans to attend college after high school graduation, selection of their college major can be made sooner, potentially saving money by reducing unrelated coursework.

In addition to facilitating career exploration, career tests for teenagers can improve career decision making skills, and knowledge of self, encouraging personal development.

Career Tests for Kids

Provide awareness of the range of career choices and options at an introductory level. Kids can begin to develop a curiosity about what adults do for work.